“Dreams don’t work unless you do”

Nochtli Peralta Alvarez is a Dutch-Mexican model based in the Netherlands. Over the last two years, she has quickly become a social media icon and inspiration to millions around the world. Using social media platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube and Instagram, she shares her healthy lifestyle, life experience and mindset to inspire her followers. Nochtli is a hard-working woman with a good heart who is making her dreams come true on her terms.

It all started for Nochtli when she was 11 years old and participated in her first photo-shoot for the Nemo Museum in Amsterdam. Her dad took her along and she fell in love with modelling. She went on to take part in a number of photo-shoots in the fashion industry. However, she was often turned down for modelling jobs because many agencies felt that her shoulders and hips were too wide. This didn’t stop her and thanks to the support of her mother she worked hard year in year out until 2010. This was the year when she had her first real taste of success when she won the title ‘Miss Haarlem 2010’ at a local beauty pageant. Don’t let her stunning looks and alluring green eyes deceive you; she is more than just a pretty face.

In 2010 when she was just 17 she enrolled in the Dutch national police force, which meant she had to mature quickly. Responding to emergency calls and her work with the police force, helped to mould her into the woman she is today. She fully devoted her life to the police force, working in and around cities like Haarlem and Hoofddorp. For Nochtli, this is a period in her life she is proud of and will never forget.

This wasn’t how she wanted to live her life forever, though. The intensity of the job and the level of commitment it demanded meant it was very difficult for her to keep an active social life going. Besides that her mother then became very ill and was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. Nochtli’s world fell apart 1,5 months later when her mother passed away. At the age of 22 Nochtli had a burnout & got into a depression. This was one of the big reasons Nochtli wanted to quit the police force.

Nochtli had always been passionate about fitness, so it was logical for her to look for a career within that sector. Together with her boyfriend Jeremy, she obtained a diploma to enable her to become a personal trainer and create a better life for them both. However, just after that, she was offered the chance to become a model within the social media and fitness industry. She jumped at the chance by becoming a model for Body Engineers in 2015.

Starting with only 300 followers on Instagram, Nochtli now worked her way up to over a million people in only 2 years. In 2017 she was named ‘Most Beautiful Woman Of The Netherlands FHM’ and has appeared on Dutch TV channels like RTL4, BNN, Veronica and MTV.

Nochtli hopes to continue being an inspiration to others.