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Nochtli Mayra Peralta Alvarez.

I’m 26 years old, born on the 3th of February 1992.

I am half Mexican and half Dutch. My dad is from Mexico city, my mom was Dutch.

Yes, my eyes are green, blue, yellowish and brown. I was first born with bright blue eyes and later on it turned to this color.

I speak fluently Dutch and English. I am still learning Spanish.

Yes, I am together with Jeremy for 8 years now.

I’ve started working out approximately 5 years ago. I went through many phases of discovering how to use fitness properly. It took me at least 2/3 years to really know what I was doing. Now I can say I have a lot of knowledge about working out in general and I am more than happy that I am able to inspire people with my journey so far.

I work out 5 days a week and practice weight training every time. Cardio is included in my workout schedule for 3 times a week. I work my legs 3/2 times a week and my upper body the rest of the days.

Size S for clothing, size 39 for shoes.

Yes one on my right shoulder, one on my left wrist and one on my right ankle.

PR packages and any
other can be sent to: 

Postbus 6426
2001HK Haarlem
The Netherlands

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